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Policy and public expectations demand that agencies excel at delivering digital services. Organizations must be able to diagnose the needs of users, build systems to meet those needs, and adopt tools and methods to continuously improve those services. 

Ad Hoc can help you create exceptional digital experiences and deliver them at scale.

Selected digital service capabilities

Application development

Agile development of web, mobile, and business applications

API and interoperability development

Open-source integrations that support developers

Platform development

Infrastructure, DevOps, and applications that scale velocity

Workflow and process implementation

Case management and low-code tools that accelerate service delivery

Content management and creation

Plain language content that enables action

Secure and personalized experiences

Identity, Credential, and Access Management (ICAM) systems

Digital service operations

A digital-first PMO to support quality services

Design systems

Streamlined, consistent, and accessible experiences

The start of something bigger

Many public-service technology projects begin as a mandate to build or improve a specific service. Ad Hoc sees that as an opportunity to not only meet requirements but to show the larger possibilities of applying private-sector tools and methods to public-service challenges.

Culture of continuous learning

Make iteration and improvement the norm across your organization.

Product management practice

Reorient team priorities to focus on outcomes over outputs.

Technical infrastructure

Deploy tools to enable rapid iteration and frequent cloud deployments.

Human-centered approach

Bring an eye for user experience to every aspect of application development.



enrollments in healthcare plans using between 2019 and 2022. See the story.

Scale your digital services with a platform approach

Moving from one digital service success to an organization-wide transformation requires a new way of working. To achieve success at scale, organizations need a platform of shared tools that support all of their development teams. A platform approach can increase how teams deliver high quality, consistent experiences while increasing organizational cybersecurity and compliance.


Through Ad Hoc’s Groundwork Delivery Platform, organizations can purchase a platform built on top of best-of-breed cloud services chosen specifically to support digital service delivery. The Delivery Platform combines the value of a customized solution with the ease of simplified pricing and tools already vetted by experienced digital services teams.

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Case study

Ad Hoc is responsible for numerous aspects of, including program management and oversight of the public-facing website, back-end performance, and technical leadership for the entire program. Learn more about how we support CMS and

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Zero downtime
during 2022 open enrollment
increase in enrollment over 2021
peak requests per minute
error rate

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