Ad Hoc joins IronArch Technology to launch Peregrine Digital Services, a new joint venture built to help the government better serve people

Today, I’m thrilled to announce that Ad Hoc has joined with IronArch Technologies to create a new joint venture company named Peregrine Digital Services LLC.

Through Peregrine, Ad Hoc and IronArch will have the ability to build on our years of experience supporting agencies as they modernize their platforms while providing better services to the public.

Logos for Peregrine, Iron Arch, and Ad Hoc LLC.

IronArch is a rapidly growing small business that has already had impressive success supporting the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and other agencies. They have helped the VA manage its journey to hosting most of its applications in the cloud through their cloud management services and proprietary CloudKey technology, which supports data migration and decision support. They’ve also helped the VA ensure its services are accessible so that all Veterans, no matter their ability, can access the benefits and services they need.

Ad Hoc has a long history of supporting the VA as it builds a digital-first agency centered around the needs of Veterans. We’ve helped the VA transform into a Veteran-centric experience, developed platforms that speed up software development, and created data-rich resources for VA and vendor teams. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Ad Hoc helped the VA use data to respond to the pandemic and added features to existing services to allow Veterans to schedule vaccination appointments online.

In early 2022, VA launched its health and benefits mobile app with support from Ad Hoc. The app provides Veterans with convenient, seamless, and secure access to their healthcare and benefits information and has received tens of thousands of positive reviews. Now, Ad Hoc and IronArch are working together in support of prime Booz Allen Hamilton to build a Veterans Digital ID.

As Peregrine, we plan to serve both the VA and a wide variety of federal agencies. Our initial focus on the VA is inspired in part by one particular Veteran — U.S. Marine Corps First Lieutenant Alexander “Cliffhanger” Wetherbee.

Alex served in the U.S. Marine Corps with IronArch CEO Joe Punaro, and in 2004, he was killed in action while serving in Anbar province in Iraq. Peregrine was founded in part to honor Alex’s memory, his service, and the ways he supported others. In that spirit, Peregrine donates a percentage of all profits to Outward Bound’s Alex Wetherbee Memorial Scholarship Fund to provide tuition assistance to the survivors of military service members killed in action who would like to attend an Outward Bound course. Alex was actively involved in Outward Bound as an instructor helping youth and adults discover themselves through adventures in the great outdoors.

This new joint venture represents the next step in Ad Hoc’s ability to work on the VA’s largest and most complex challenges. We’re also thrilled about the opportunity to build a partnership with IronArch, and the opportunity to serve the VA in honor of Alex Wetherbee. Together, Ad Hoc and IronArch offer a broad set of capabilities that the VA and other agencies can use to build modern, compliant systems designed to meet the needs of the public and agency employees.

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