Let Ad Hoc lay the critical infrastructure for your digital services and applications.

Through Ad Hoc’s Groundwork products, agencies can purchase platforms assembled for their needs. Each platform allows agencies to focus on building modern digital services on top of a stable, trusted infrastructure.

Introducing Groundwork // Delivery

  • Build

    Foundational elements to run your digital solutions and interact with users

  • Deliver

    DevOps pipelines to deliver your digital solutions to the cloud

  • Observe

    Tools to monitor and manage your digital solutions once they’re deployed

With the Groundwork Delivery Platform, you get a platform built on top of best-of-breed cloud services chosen specifically to support digital service delivery. The Delivery Platform combines the value of a customized solution with the ease of simplified pricing and tools already vetted by experienced digital services teams. 

Stop rebuilding the same cloud infrastructure over and over and spending months on each ATO. Refocus on high-value work — designing great digital services and delivering them quickly.

Bring value to your users

Building great services means listening to users' needs. But without a way to quickly and reliably deploy changes, project teams can’t deliver what users are asking for.

These teams get overwhelmed creating and managing their own cloud infrastructure and custom deployment pipelines, and have less time to deliver what your agency’s customers want.

The Delivery Platform enables project teams to leverage shared components and reusable artifacts, and to deliver new and improved digital solutions on a foundation of already solved problems.

Speed up responses to security issues

When you identify new security vulnerabilities, time is of the essence. Every extra hour it takes to deploy fixes in your public-facing applications puts your customer’s data and your agency’s infrastructure at risk.


The Delivery Platform enables the rapid deployment of critical updates and fixes to your customer-facing solutions, dramatically reducing the window of time for a malicious actor to exploit vulnerabilities.

Past performance

We’ve chosen the tools and techniques within each Groundwork product because they support stable, secure, and flexible services. See selected past performance that shows how we’ve used similar tools and techniques.

Medicare Plan Finder

Ad Hoc supported the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services in redesigning the Medicare Plan Finder, which allows people to find available plans and enroll. Learn more about Ad Hoc’s work on the Plan Finder tool.

Related approaches used for Medicare Plan Finder:

screenshot of the V.A. Medicare Plan finder website
Increase in enrollments
Requests per second
Visitors supported per day
Down time

screenshot of the V.A. dot gov website

Over the course of three years, Ad Hoc worked with VA to design, build, and launch the new, with a single design and single sign-on for all Veteran benefits and services provided by VA. With the initial launch of, the VA saw a reduction in page load time from 5 to 2.8 seconds, stable support for more than 100,000 transactions every weekday, and a 54% reduction in wait times for Veterans going through the disability claims process. Download our white paper to learn how we did it. (PDF)

Related approaches used for

2.2 second
Reduction in page load time
Transactions supported per day
Reduction in Veteran claims process wait times

VA Health and Benefits Mobile App

Ad Hoc, as part of a team led by prime contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, supports the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in building, launching, and continually updating the VA Health and Benefits Mobile App, which provides Veterans with convenient, seamless, and secure access to their healthcare and benefits information. In the 2 years since the app launched, it has been downloaded more than 1.6 million times with more than 645,000 monthly active users and glowing reviews across app stores. Learn more about Ad Hoc’s work on the app.

Related approaches used for VA Health and Benefits Mobile App:

App downloads since launch
Monthly active users
screenshot of the V.A. mobile application

Talk to the Groundwork team

headshot of Mark Headd

Mark Headd

Sr. Director of Technology, Digital Offerings and Data Architecture
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Jarrett Conway

Head of Capture

Learn what you can do with the Delivery Platform and how we can make it work for you by emailing the Groundwork leadership team.

How to buy Groundwork

The Groundwork Delivery Platform is offered by Ad Hoc LLC and sold through ATP Gov, LLC, a woman-owned small business (WOSB), and our prime partner on NASA SEWP. Buying the Delivery Platform through SEWP offers simplified pricing, a shortened procurement process, and a defined product.

To explore buying the Delivery Platform, please contact ATP Gov at or Ad Hoc at

You can also find the listing for the Delivery Platform by going to the NASA SEWP V Provider Lookup Tool and searching for “Ad Hoc LLC”. Click on the number of products to see Ad Hoc’s listing through our prime ATP Gov.

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