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Our approach

The best solutions come from experts working together.

Ad Hoc brings experts from product, engineering, research, and design together to work on a common goal. These cross-functional teams use a two-phase approach to build products — discover and deliver.

Through each cycle of discovery and delivery, their goal is to shape products through continuous learning and rapid feedback. This collaborative approach results in stronger, modern, and more capable solutions for users.

This differs from more linear, or waterfall, ways of working. Our teams discover solutions based on goals, needs, and constraints rather than building towards a set of requirements.

Principles over process

Ad Hoc’s customers have varying needs and levels of readiness for working in an agile and user-centered way. As a result, our approach is driven by a set of principles, rather than a specific form of Agile or set of technologies.

  • We work cross-functionally from start to finish toward shared goals.
  • We evolve products, rather than manage projects.
  • We define success as outcomes for people, rather than output delivered.
  • We use Agile and human-centered design as tools to understand problems and shape solutions.
  • We hold specific tools and methodologies lightly, and apply the right approach for the task at hand.